Why Solar Energy?

Why Solar Energy?

Today’s industrial society is a very real threat to the global environment from the uncontrolled consumption of conventional fuels creating greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions alone contributed to 84% of the potential global warming in 2011 in the UK (DTI Jan 2012).

The UK has had a false sense of security since the discovery of the North Sea oil reserves in the 1960’s, and we have used a readily available supply of home produced energy. This situation will not last much longer, and our reserves are in rapid decline. We face the probability of an energy crisis unless we act together as a nation to find and utilise new sources of energy that are non-polluting.

The imminent crisis is regularly reported upon, including the vulnerability of the UK as oil and gas reserves dry up and we are forced to rely on imports. Power cuts are predicted for the winter of 2015 and all subsequent years unless we have a fundamental shift in our attitude to energy use and resourcing.

Do we wait until the oil and gas runs out? Do we continue to pollute the earth and its environment, leaving a legacy of shortage and devastation for the next generations? Or do we do something about it?

By re-assessing our usage, by advances in technology, and by using renewable energy sources, Solar, Wind, Thermal, Wave, we can do something about it.

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