Can Solar thermal be used to heat my home?

Can Solar thermal be used to heat my home?

Can the sun provide me with all the hot water I need?

Many investors in renewable technology installing Solar thermal to supplement their hot water ask if by having more solar thermal panels could they be used for their entire central heating system?

With the increase interest in solar, the above question is one often asked by would be investors in solar panel systems. The average south facing UK home with a roof area of 30m² will be exposed to around 30,000 KwH of the sun’s radiation each year. The amount of energy that is used to heat the hot water for a 3-4 bed house is approximately 3,000-5,000KwH per annum, so we have far more energy available, it’s just the question of how we harvest it.

Getting the best out of solar hot water panels

Every home in the country is unique, from the angle, size and orientation of the roof space, to shading from nearby trees and buildings, to water usage and the number of inhabitants, there is not one solution that fits all, therefore each solar hot water system should  be designed to suit you.

Can I use a solar hot water panels with a combi-boiler?

The biggest problem with using solar with a combi boiler is that you will need a new hot water cylinder and in most cases there is no room for a cylinder. However, if you do have room there are two ways of installing a solar thermal system with a combination boiler.

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