Solar Electric Panels

Solar Electric Panels

Solar Electric Panels in the UK

Solar electricity systems (photovoltaic) are an easy way of harnessing the free natural energy from the sun all year round. They can even work on cloudy days through diffused light. You don’t have to have a south facing roof, the panels can also be fitted on brackets in the garden, onto fences and walls. The systems are robust with some panels that are over 40 years old still working. They require very little maintenance and are an ideal way to get free energy.
Solar electric panels also known as PV panels are a tried and tested technology, very popular in Germany and Spain.


The current models on the market are the result of decades of research supported by Europeans buying and investing in the technology. Phono Solar is our panel of choice, Swiss design,  it’s quality, performance and industry leading guarantees ensure that you get the most out of your panels. Sharp panels are our economy product. We realise that some of our customers have budget constraints, so we have found a product that although not the best in the field, has excellent properties and offers value for money.

How do Solar PV Panels work?

The panels work by converting light from the sun into electricity.  The panels are made up of semiconductor, silicon, when light hits this material energy is absorbed into the semiconductor, this extra energy knocks electrons loose, metal contacts at the top and bottom of the cell creates a current, forcing these loose electrons into one direction. This energy is then collected and converted from Direct Current to Alternating current which is then used to run electrical devices in your home, or is sent off to the national grid.

Great Investment

There is no better time to invest in a solar electricity system, the Government backed Feed-In Tariff ensures 43.1p for every kWh you produce, this payment will last for 25 years, and will average a return of 12% each year for that period. This figure will rise in accordance with the retail price index, giving you an inflation beating return, which is without comparison in the current financial markets. What’s more the income you generate from the Feed-in Tariff is tax free. The graph below illustrates a typical cost for a 4kw system, with the system covering it’s cost by it’s 9th year. In addition, Solar Panels increase the value of your property by offering new oweners a source of income. The graph does not include the rising return linked with the RPI or the saving gained from the rising cost of electricity.

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