Reducing the Environmental Impact of Aviation

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Aviation

The environmental impact of the aviation industry has long been a focus of environmental agencies around the world. There are current policies helping the impact of aviation on the health of the Earth.

For the past thirty years the aviation industry has seen enormous growth. Along with this growth has come enormous pollution.

With the current demand from all corners of government for stricter environmental impact studies and legislation it is hoped that the aviation industry is also seeing changes in the amount of pollution it produces.

The FAA has made it one of their highest priorities to focus on the environmental impact of the flight industry. They are making huge steps to make the aviation industry greener for today and for the future.

The FAA has a specific program in place to determine and improve it’s environmental impact. The program has a goal to improve the safety and speed of the industry while at the same time becoming more economically sound.

The industry points to some fairly impressive facts to prove that they are on the right path. According to the FAA jet noise has been significantly decreased since 1970.

Environmental impact of aviationJet noise is considered a form of pollution and by changing flight paths and patterns the number of citizens affected by the noise pollution has decreased by 90 percent.

The FAA also states that jets and planes today are greener. According to the latest environmental impact studies carried out by non-partisan organizations pollution in the aviation industry has decreased by a huge number – almost 70 percent. Carbon emissions have also been cited in environmental impact studies as being problematic for the aviation industry.

In the latest studies it was found that the aviation industry was responsible for less than 3 percent of the carbon emissions for the entire planet.

The industry has also improved in other ways. It now moves more people and more cargo more efficiently.

By using less fuel in these daily activities the airline industry is currently producing over eight tons less carbon dioxide than before.

The FAA only sees good things for the future where the environmental impact of the industry is concerned.

Each year industry officials and representatives from all carriers meet and determine plans for the upcoming year and for the future of aviation in general.

The FAA claims it is one of the most successful industries in their implementation of green policies.

The say that the stats point out that what they have done in last the thirty years has had a huge environmental impact, much bigger than actually expected.

And who gets the credit for the success The FAA points to the people on the ground everyday working to keep planes safe, the people in factories working to build more energy efficient planes, the hosts of people serving the public to speed up the process of air travel, and many more people involved in the day to day workings of the aviation industry.

The airline industry has been working hard to make a successful impact on the environment. The facts and figures reported project a hopeful future for flying.

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