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Why Solar Energy?

Today’s industrial society is a very real threat to the global environment from the uncontrolled consumption of conventional fuels creating greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions alone contributed to 84% of the potential global warming in 2011 in the UK (DTI Jan 2012).

The UK has had a false sense of security since the discovery of the North Sea oil reserves in the 1960’s, and we have used a readily available …

Solar Panel Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies – a case study featuring solar and microwind:


How do I get Free Solar Panels

How do I get Free Solar Panels:


Free Solar Panels Explained

BBC Watchdog – Feed in Tariff and free solar panels PV explained (long version) :


Solar Power and Solar Energy Guide

Solar power is a form of energy generated from the heat or light of the sun. It is also commonly known as Solar Energy.

It can be transformed to produce heat, light, hot water, electricity, and can even be used for cooling systems.

What is extremely important about solar energy is that it is a form of renewable energy.

Solar energy is rapidly becoming a popular form of energy for many large or …

Solar Electric Panels

Solar Electric Panels in the UK
Solar electricity systems (photovoltaic) are an easy way of harnessing the free natural energy from the sun all year round. They can even work on cloudy days through diffused light. You don’t have to have a south facing roof, the panels can also be fitted on brackets in the garden, onto fences and walls. The systems are robust with some panels that are over 40 …

Can Solar thermal be used to heat my home?

Can the sun provide me with all the hot water I need?

Many investors in renewable technology installing Solar thermal to supplement their hot water ask if by having more solar thermal panels could they be used for their entire central heating system?

With the increase interest in solar, the above question is one often asked by would be investors in solar panel systems. The average south facing UK home with a …

Solar Compatible Boilers

Energy efficient and cost saving heating systems are our speciality. We supply the latest generation of high efficiency condensing gas boilers, together with solar hot water heating. We can supply complete systems, designed to maximize efficiency and reduce your fuel bills.

All our boilers are “Solar Compatible”

Some of our customers see this efficiency as helping to improve the environment by reducing their CO2 emissions. For others, better design means they can …

Solar Pool Heating

The UK’s no 1 supplier & installer of solar powered pool heating systems.

We supply two differing systems, each designed to fit into your requirements.

The first (and cheapest) system uses low cost solar matting to collect solar energy. These systems are easy to install and can be fitted by any competent D.I.Y. person. Matting systems are designed for outdoor & summer use, they cannot, however be used to provide domestic hot …

Solar Water Heating

The UK’s no 1 supplier & installer of solar heated hot water systems.

Solar Energy will provide you with piping hot water for free, and you will be helping in the fight against global warming.

The professionally fitted systems we offer are the best available. The high quality slimline glass evacuated tubes are super efficient energy collectors. This product offers high quality at sensible prices.

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