A Guide to Carbon Offsetting

A Guide to Carbon Offsetting

What is carbon offsetting and what does it mean to you? This article attempts to demystify the term.

With the major focus on the health of the Earth the terms and concepts can sometimes be confusing for the average person.

Carbon offset is one such term. It is certainly not self explanatory and was not taught when many of us were in school.

Carbon offset and how does it apply to you?

Every single person in our world plays a part in the health of our environment.

One major problem that each of us contributes to the world’s health is the amount of carbon we produce in our daily lives.

You may have heard of this carbon production called your carbon footprint. Each person produces a specific amount of carbon through the activities they do day in and day out.

Every time you drive your car, for example, you are producing carbon that effects the environment.

Carbon offset is a process where you work to reduce the amount of carbon you produce. The steps to reducing your carbon production are easy and do not require major lifestyle changes.

The first step to carbon offsetting is to reduce or eliminate the amount of carbon your produce every single day.

If you think about your daily activities you will find many ways that you can small behaviors resulting in the use of less energy.

Walking instead of driving is possibly the biggest step many people take to lessen the amount of carbon they produce.

After you have taken an inventory of your carbon producing activities you will want to use a carbon calculator to determine your carbon footprint, the amount of carbon you contribute to the environment.

This is where carbon offsetting comes in. Based on your personal carbon footprint you can donate an amount to an organization that will “offset” your emissions with environmental projects. You can think of it as banking for the future.

Carbon offsetting is a unique concept that has taken hold and become very popular. Families are determining the carbon footprint for their entire family and making donations for carbon offsetting. Companies and organizations are calculating their carbon footprints and offsetting.

Carbon offsetting does not mean that you should not also make improvements in the way you live.

It is a misconception to think you can live with no concern for the environment and “pay” your way to a better future.

Instead, carbon offsetting exists because in today’s world, even when taking drastic ecological measures, you will still produce a carbon footprint.

If your home is heated, if you flush the toilet, and if you cook on a stove you are adding to your carbon footprint.

By taking a close examination of your life and your activities it is hoped that along with deciding to carbon offset you will also make changes in your life to live a greener life.

The combination of the two will make a big difference to the future of our planet.

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