Solar panels are a great way of reducing your electricity bills, and with the feed in tariff they can actually earn you money!

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Solar panels are a one of the best ways of reducing your homes electricity bills, as well as earning money. With Solar PV you’re also doing your bit to help combat global warming — solar power is the cleanest, most renewable source of energy there is, producing nothing in the way of emissions. No wonder solar panels are proving so popular in the UK!

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Solar Electric
We are sure that you have seen solar energy in use, by the roadside powering signs and every supermarket now seem to sell low cost solar lights for gardens. The same technology can be used to provide electricity from the sun in your home.

Solar Water Heating
Solar Energy will provide you with piping hot water for free, and you will be helping in the fight against global warming. For professionally fitted systems we offer that are the best available.

Solar Pool Heating
For those of you with a swimming pool we can use the same technology (and combine it with your domestic system if required) to heat your pool. We also provide a low cost DIY Product.

Solar Boilers
We supply the latest generation of high efficiency condensing gas boilers, together with solar hot water heating. We can supply complete systems, designed to maximize efficiency and reduce your fuel bills.